Pacific Coast Construction Group, Inc. is a family owned, residential construction company.  We began building spec homes in 2002 in a small, tourist community on the Washington coast and quickly emerged as one of the largest custom and spec builders in the area.  We believe that it was our commitment to quality, value and integrity that propelled our success, and it is exactly those qualities that will continue to bring our clients satisfaction in the home buying, and building, process.  To us, success isn’t a destination—but the bi-product of doing things right!

We first travelled through the Tri-Cities area in 2005, while on vacation, and were immediately drawn to the climate, pace and people.  We made the decision to move here permanently in the fall of 2006 and thoroughly love it.  Our children have flourished in the schools and enjoy sports and other activities.  We couldn’t imagine living anywhere else and feel lucky to call this home. 

We absolutely LOVE what we do and are excited every day to be building homes that we, and our clients, are proud of.  The owners, Jeff and Renee Kruger, are a dynamic husband and wife team, whose individual strengths offer them a unique advantage over other builders.  Jeff’s experience in all phases of residential construction, dating back to the first home he built in the rugged Alaska climate in the 80’s, gives him the technical knowledge to ensure every stage of construction of each home is sound and efficient.  Renee’s talents in the customer service and finish selections ensure that every home is built with the client’s individual tastes in mind, and that communication is free-flowing from the first site visit, to your move-in day and beyond.

Pacific Coast Construction Group, Inc. is committed to making sure that you get a tremendous value for your hard-earned dollars, and that the experience is fun and stress free.  Whether it’s your first home, or your tenth; the home you will raise your family in or the retirement home of your dreams; our goal is your satisfaction.  Period.  And unlike other builders, the price we quote is THE price—no surprises or gouging on upgrades after construction begins.  We want to be able to see you in the local grocery store with our heads held high and know that you speak of us admirably to friends and relatives!

If you are considering purchasing or building a new home, give us a call.  You won’t be disappointed!

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