Modifying an Existing Floor Plan

Lately we have worked with quite a few clients that visited one of our homes and liked almost everything about a floor plan but desired some small changes to make it perfect for their family.   It has been everything from converting a bathroom to a Jack and Jill style for two children, reconfiguring a great room a bit, to just moving a fireplace or a kitchen island.

Often times a potential buyer may not have any idea how feasible it is to make such changes.  The real estate professionals we work with try to encourage open communication and an exchange of ideas.  There hasn’t been a client that we haven’t been able to accommodate yet.  We have all of our plans as CAD files, and making changes is very straightforward.  Sometimes it takes a couple of revisions to get exactly what the client is looking for, but working together we will get there.

We receive a lot of comments about how many great floor plans we have.  That is because we are dedicated to listening and making sure we have floor plans that reflect the way most people want to use and live in the space.   Buyers can have different needs and desires though, and that’s where making changes, or doing a complete design/build process comes in. By being dedicated to building the home the client wants we end up with extremely happy and satisfied homeowners.

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