How to Find a Builder When Moving to a New Area

Each year there are a number of families that find themselves moving to a new area due to a new job,  a job transfer, or to be closer to family.  Whatever the reason you may find yourself moving and looking for a new home, you may find yourself wondering how to go about finding a home builder you can trust to build your new home.

If you are working with an agent on the sale of an existing home you can ask them to find you an agent to work with in the new area.  This may not always be the best choice. If your agent works for one of the nationally franchised offices they are likely to refer you to an agent that works for the same agency in the new area.  That may not always be the best choice for you.  Either ask your agent to find you an agent that specializes in new construction, regardless of agency affiliation, or conduct the search yourself.  Typically the referring agent will get a referral fee from the other agent, so don’t be shy about asking them to do a little work on your behalf to make sure they find an agent that suits your needs.

Remember that Google is your friend.  Try different search terms to find home builders in your new area.  Check out some of their websites and compile a list of the builders that appeal to you the most.  Call and talk to a couple of builders and see how you feel about them after talking and asking some questions.  Find out if there are particular developments or areas they may be building in.  They may have lots available in an area that you are interested in.

Most often when visiting a builder’s website you will see which agent is representing the builder.  You may start to notice there are agents that represent more than one builder. There are agents that specialize in new construction and represent more than one builder. When using Google to search terms related to home building you may also find agents specializing in new construction. Contacting one of these agents may be a very good idea.  They can be a great resource for information about which areas are most desirable, new subdivisions that may coming online, and general pricing information for new construction.

By doing a little online research well in advance of your move you can save quite a bit of time and help ensure a good experience when you are ready to start the exciting process of building a new home for your family.  When you have a chance, if you have picked an agent, spend some time meeting with them in person, and schedule meetings with the builders on your short list.  Visit some of the builder’s homes.  Typically there will be a builder that you click best with, and the best way to find that builder is to spend some time talking with a few.  In a future article I will talk about some of the questions you should ask a prospective builder.

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