One of our core philosophies is “Value”.  What value means to us is not only making sure our homes are priced extremely fairly, but that they are also of enduring quality.  We incorporate quite a few things that a buyer may not notice on a casual walk through.    All new homes look pretty nice, they’re new. They haven’t had a family living in them yet.


One area where we exceed what many builders are offering is our carpet and pad.  We spend significantly more for carpet and pad than most builders offering homes in our price points.  We realize that most new carpet is going to look nice when prospective buyers tour one of our homes.  We think beyond that and consider how the carpet will perform once a family has moved in, and what it will look like several years down the road.   Even though a lot of buyers won’t realize the difference, we do, and we care about long term satisfaction for those that purchase one of our homes.


Another area where we spend a bit more is the use of high quality vent hoods in the kitchen.  The majority of builders in the 300k-400k price range  utilize microwave oven style vent hoods over the cooking surface.  Most of those units are rated at 200-300 CFM.  CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, and it is a measure of how much air is evacuated.  The dedicated vent hoods that we choose to use are typically rated at 800-900 CFM.  Not only do they look much nice than a micro vent, they also do their intended job much, much better.  On Thanksgiving when there are things cooking on several burners and a little bit of turkey drippings get on the oven burner element the kitchen and home won’t fill with smoke.  Your windows won’t fog up.  Again, it’s things that a buyer may not notice until they’ve lived in the home for a while.


These are only two of the many areas where we believe we work hard to exceed long term expectations.  In the future I will write about  more.   We firmly believe that things like these are simply the right way to do things.   For us success has always been about doing the right things over and over again.  It’s why we have so many completely satisfied home owners that have lived in one of our homes for years.   If you’re interested in a home that was built by a  builder that genuinely cares about your long term satisfaction, or having us craft a custom home for you, please contact us or our real estate professional, Chris Powell.

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