What is a “Boutique Builder”?

One of the ways we describe our business is as a “Botique Builder”.  What that means to us is that we are more personally involved with each of our homes, and particularly with custom home clients.


Even before a apec home is started we spend a considerable amount of time on the design, and how the home will be placed on a lot.  We meet with our professional agent, Tom Lachmann, to discuss the area where the home will be located, and any special desires of buyers in that area.  I personally meet with our foundation person to lay out the foundation on the lot, and from that point forward Renee and I are on the job site daily, often multiple times per day.  This is not only our business, but our passion, and we have never looked upon it as a 9-5 commitment.  On countless evenings when I roll over to go to sleep Renee is in bed, on her laptop, looking at light fixtures and other design elements.  We are both dedicated to building a high quality home with each and every element having been carefully considered.  We spend more on some items like carpet than many of our competitors do, even in competitors higher priced homes.  While we realize that all carpet will look nice when it’s new, we want to provide a product that not only looks good when new, but will also satisfy the new owners for years to come.  That type of commitment to quality isn’t something that is evident just walking through a home.  It takes actually living in a home for a while to realize the differences.  It is the reason we have so many testimonials from clients that have actually lived in one of our homes for years. Enduring satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


Any of our many custom home clients can tell you we are very high touch when it comes to helping our clients build a custom home.    We don’t know of another builder that will spend the time and effort that we do to make sure that each and every surface of the home is just as they would want it.  We have a great deal of experience with design builds.  We help the clients design a home that works for them, and their family.  Though we have worked with clients that have unlimited budgets, more often than not we realize there is a budget for a custom home.  We work with clients to maximize their investment and to assure that the most important elements of the home are just right.  Because of our experience we can often suggest economical alternatives to achieve what the client is looking for.   Renee is tremendously talented at interior design, and we also work with a design professional on many homes.  Unlike many builders we don’t limit our clients to one visit to a “design center” where they may meet with someone that they’ve never met before.  We feel that getting your home “just right” is too important to place such limits on it, and Renee will be there with the client every step of the way.


We  routinely receive calls from clients in the evening.  With us that is no problem, and we will gladly talk about homes at almost any time.  In this modern age we communicate quite a bit via email, and clients are typically amazed at how responsive we are.  When it comes to doing a walk through with the plumber or electrician Renee and I will be right there with you.


Don’t let “boutique” conjure up visions of high prices either.  When it comes to the cost of upgrade items our clients are always surprised at how our prices compare to what other builders charge.  We take the trust of our clients in choosing us to build their home very seriously.  We won’t take advantage of that trust by overcharging for upgrade items like additional can lights.  To us that just isn’t the right way to do business.  It’s much more personal for us, which is why you will always be able to talk with one or both of us directly.


When looking for a spec home please consider how involved the builder may have been with the construction of that home. When considering a builder for a custom home project we would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and talk about how we may be able to work together, and what sets us apart from other builders.

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